Jonah Terry

flyover fest 2018

Flyover is an event and content platform created to amplify the stories of underrepresented and marginalized groups in fashion, politics, and culture. 

We aided Flyover in the creation of print materials that were used during "Flyover Fest 2018". We closely followed the preexisting brand guide while also infusing the Third Shift aesthetic to create a harmonious visual style.


event posters

We took a very minimal approach to the poster design and it paid off in the final execution. The idea was to create something nocturnal and ambiguous that left the viewer wanting to learn more about each event.  


festival passes

We realized attendees normally aren't excited to wear their festival passes. Honestly neither are we. Which is why we strived to create a pass that attendees were proud to wear. Throughout the festival we saw attendees dawning their passes like it was the new fashion fad of 2018.